Vicky Kaushal wants a big fat wedding, Katrina Kaif wants it private

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There is an ongoing statement betwixt the ready-for-marriage mates Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif connected what their wedding should beryllium similar this December.

Vicky Kaushal wants a large  abdominous  wedding, Katrina Kaif wants it private

Katrina wants an intimate wedding with conscionable her household and adjacent friends contiguous to witnesser the marriage. Just however ‘intimate’ it would beryllium with her 7 siblings and their family, is different matter. On the different hand, Vicky Kaushal wants a lavish Punjabi wedding.

“Actually, it’s Vicky’s parents (action manager Sham Kaushal and Veena Kaushal) who privation to invitation everyone they know. Arrey, it is the elder son’s wedding and they would similar to stock the infinitesimal with their full family,” says a communal person of the couple.

At the infinitesimal it seems Katrina’s privation for an intimate ceremonial would prevail.

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