UP Assembly Polls 2022: BJP will surely surpass past record of crossing 300 seats, says Jitin Prasada

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Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh curate Jitin Prasada said the BJP has the enactment of each conception of nine and dismissed claims that Brahmins successful the authorities are upset with the party. He besides predicted a broad triumph for the BJP successful adjacent year's Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls, saying the ruling enactment volition surpass its erstwhile tally.

A erstwhile Union minister, Prasada had joined the BJP earlier this twelvemonth aft quitting the Congress. His induction into the BJP was seen arsenic portion of efforts by the enactment to fortify its enactment among the Brahmins, an electorally ascendant conception constituting 13 per cent of the UP population. The BJP, Samajwadi Party and the BSP had earlier held "sammelans" to woo Brahmins up of the Assembly polls.

When successful the Congress, Prasada had started a run for the "honour and self-respect" of the assemblage done the Brahmin Chetna Parishad.
When asked astir claims that Brahmins are unhappy with the BJP, Prasad said, "Let those saying this proceed to say. I tin accidental with afloat assurance that the bulk of each conception of nine is with the BJP and its one-sided." "As acold arsenic Brahmins are concerned, we are successful nationalist beingness and we instrumentality everyone along, but if idiosyncratic talks astir the community, if idiosyncratic is being harassed, past we are acceptable to supply justness and assistance arsenic acold arsenic possible," the UP method acquisition curate told PTI successful an interview.

Prasada said helium was definite that the BJP volition surpass its erstwhile tally successful the Assembly polls scheduled aboriginal adjacent year. The BJP had won 312 of the 403 seats successful the 2017 polls. "The inclination is wide and I tin accidental with 100 per cent surety that the erstwhile grounds of crossing 300 (seats) volition beryllium surpassed by the BJP," helium said. When asked astir the ground of his claim, helium cited betterment successful instrumentality and order. "Earlier, we utilized to inquire radical to travel to UP, they utilized to accidental that they volition spell to South India arsenic they bash not get information and a business-friendly environm...

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