The incredible story of Anupama Chandran who waged an unparalleled battle to reclaim her baby

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Thiruvananthapuram: Anupama S Chandran ne'er wept oregon begged earlier anyone but spoke with clarity and precision passim her combat to get backmost her baby, who was forcibly separated from her conscionable 3 days aft his birth.

The 22-year aged pistillate braved dense rains and atrocious upwind to signifier an agitation successful beforehand of the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare Centre (KSCCW) present for a fortnight and ignored discouraging words and relentless cyber bullying during her lonely conflict to reclaim the kid who was distant successful different authorities with his adoptive parents. But, the usually bold and superior Anupama was visibly moved erstwhile she came retired of a household tribunal connected Wednesday holding her one-year-old lad tightly successful her hand, aft it granted her the child's custody finally.

Her eyes sparkled and words weren't coming retired arsenic easy owed to ecstasy and she abruptly turned into a caring parent who was keen to defender her kid from the oversea of media unit who came to study their overmuch awaited reunion.

The elated pistillate aboriginal said she was yet to travel to presumption with the world that she has yet won her conflict and her son, who was forcibly taken distant from her by her parents connected the 3rd time of his commencement past year, is with her now.

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"I ne'er ever thought that I would get him backmost truthful fast. Even during a caller sojourn to the state-run Child Welfare Council, an authoritative told maine that I would ne'er get my lad backmost arsenic helium was fixed successful adoption. But, today, helium is with me," Anupama told PTI successful an interview.

One twelvemonth of waiting and weeks-long pugnacious ineligible battle, protests and controversies came to an extremity connected Wednesday arsenic a household tribunal granted Anupama and her spouse Ajith the custody of the ch...

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