Squid Game smuggler sentenced to death in North Korea after authorities caught students watching Netflix drama

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A antheral who smuggled copies of smash deed South Korean Netflix bid Squid Game into North Korea has been sentenced to decease arsenic reported by Radio Free Asia (RFA).

U.S.-headquartered autarkic quality bureau RFA reported, quoting sources, that the bid was smuggled successful from China connected USB flash drives and that the smuggler faces decease by firing squad, aft the authorities caught precocious schoolhouse students watching the show.

“A pupil who bought a thrust received a beingness sentence, portion six others who watched the amusement person been sentenced to 5 years hard labor, and teachers and schoolhouse administrators person been fired and look banishment to enactment successful distant mines,” RFA reported.

In December 2020, North Korea passed the “Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture” act, which prohibits the introduction and dissemination of taste worldly similar films, plays, euphony and books successful the country. The enactment is chiefly aimed astatine preventing the dispersed of media from South Korea and the U.S. and those recovered distributing oregon consuming these are liable to beryllium punished. According to wide reports, successful April this twelvemonth a antheral was publically executed for selling drives and CDs containing South Korean material.

Squid Game, successful particular, has been a root of choler successful the dictatorship. North Korean propaganda tract Arirang Meari excoriated the high-concept endurance play arsenic depicting the “sad world of a beastly South Korean society.” The RFA study suggests that determination is large nationalist anxiousness implicit the destiny of the precocious schoolhouse students and that much radical could beryllium implicated successful the investigation.

However, Netflix is not disposable successful China, but Squid Game has been ...

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