Noida airport to be logistics gateway of northern India, says PM Narendra Modi - 10 points

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the instauration chromatic for Noida International Airport astatine Jewar successful Uttar Pradesh contiguous (November 25). The airdrome is seen arsenic a premier task for the BJP authorities up of the UP Assembly Polls of 2022. "It is infrastructure not authorities for us, but portion of nationalist policy; we're ensuring projects don't get stuck and are completed successful time," PM Modi said astatine the event, portion hitting retired astatine the erstwhile governments of the state.

Here are the 10 points highlighted by PM Modi arsenic to however the Noida airdrome volition payment the country, and particularly Uttar Pradesh. 

- Noida International Airport astatine Jewar volition payment crores of radical of Delhi-NCR, occidental Uttar Pradesh.

- It volition go logistics gateway of bluish India.

- Noida International Airport volition springiness caller employment opportunities to thousands of radical of occidental UP.

- After 7 decades, UP getting what it ever deserved; with efforts of double-engine govt, UP is turning into country's astir connected region.

- UP, which was kept successful acheronian by erstwhile governments, present leaving its people not lone nationally but internationally too

- UP has go focal constituent for investments by multinational companies; it'll person 5 planetary airports.

- Jewar airdrome besides an illustration of however earlier Govts successful UP and astatine Centre ignored improvement of occidental Uttar Pradesh.

- Noida International Airport will straight link a large centre of export with planetary markets. It volition alteration farmers of this portion to export perishable goods similar vegetables, fruits, & fish. Noida Airport volition assistance MSMEs of occidental UP to scope overseas markets

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