Micron has a 1.5TB microSD card: You knew this was coming, didn’t you?

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Moving the 32GB, 64GB microSD cards aside and leaving the 4GBs and the 8GBs in the dust, the new age of microSD cards is here. In a world where 128GB microSD cards have become commonplace, Micron has announced that its industrial-grade i400 microSD will be available in capacities ranging from 256GB to 1TB. And that’s not all, the company also has a ‘never-seen-before’ 1.5TB option coming and, to be honest, we are expecting it to be very, VERY expensive.

The 1.5TB microSD was officially announced at the Embedded World 2022 conference that is currently going on in Nuremberg, Germany. Micron’s new i400 microSD lineup is being manufactured using the 176-layer 3D NAND process and the focus is on performance and endurance. Clearly, the company is positioning this card as a storage option for video security devices like dash cameras on large vehicle fleets, body cameras for cops, and home security solutions.

Micron said that the 1.5TB microSD card can store up to 120 days of footage which, as Gizmodo pointed out, is a “completely arbitrary number without specs on resolution, frame rate, and compression level”. The company says that the card is fast enough to handle 4K video capture and “up to eight AI events per second”, like object detection and classification events like license plate and facial recognition. The card also promises a mean time to failure of two million hours (228 years), so if you are popping this one into a device, the device will fail long before this does.

Micron has not mentioned a word about when this 1.5TB i400 microSD card will go on sale or how much it is going to cost. But we know it is going to be expensive. The reference point is that when SanDisk launched its 1TB microSD card in 2019, it was priced at $450. Given the ongoing supply chain issues globally and that Micron is positioning this card for industrial uses, it is highly likely that it is going to be even more expensive.

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