ITC starts clinical trials of nasal spray for Covid-19 prevention

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NEW DELHI: Diversified entity ITC connected Thursday confirmed that it is processing a nasal spray for Covid-19 prevention for which it has initiated clinical trials.
Developed by scientists astatine ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre (LSTC), Bengaluru, the institution plans to marketplace the nasal spray nether the Savlon marque erstwhile it gets each the requisite regulatory approvals, according to sources.
When contacted for comments, a spokesperson of ITC said, "We are incapable to stock much details astatine the existent infinitesimal arsenic the objective trials are underway."
The spokesperson declined to remark connected a elaborate query connected wherever is the objective proceedings being done, from wherever the commercialized accumulation would beryllium done erstwhile approved and nether what marque the nasal spray would beryllium marketed.
However, sources said the institution had received approvals from morals committees and is registered with Clinical Trial Registry-India (CTRI) for objective trials of the nasal spray which is designed to apprehension the microorganism astatine the introduction constituent successful the nasal cavity itself.
They further said the merchandise has the imaginable to beryllium effectual and harmless successful prevent...

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