Is Sonia Gandhi Miles away from REALITY? Congress desperately MISSES persons like Makhanlal Fotedar and Ahmed Patel amid Rajasthan crisis

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Congress is badly caught in the political storm of Rajasthan. The party high command's attempt to change the Chief Minister in the state before the Assembly elections slated for next year hangs in the balance. Speculations are that Sonia Gandhi wants Sachin Pilot to be the chief minister but resignations of more than 90 MLAs of the Ashok Gehlot faction to Assembly Speaker CP Joshi scuttled her move. The MLAs who submitted their resignation neither want Sachin Pilot in the CM's nor ready to accept any leader of his faction at the helm of the affair.

Congress High Command in Action

The Congress high command sent Ajay Maken and Mallikarjun Kharge from Delhi to Jaipur with an offer to authorize Sonia Gandhi to decide the CM of Rajasthan, but they could not even hold a meeting of the legislature party there. Failing to persuade the MLAs, Maken and Kharge return to Delhi and hold discussions with Sonia Gandhi, who has asked them to submit a written report. But it is being said that the Gehlot episode is causing a lot of disgrace to the Congress high command.

One Person One Post

It was believed that in the Udaipur session of the Congress, Ashok Gehlot would be made the party president while implementing the proposal of 'one person one post' in the party and the chief minister's chair would be given to Sachin Pilot. But due to the attitude of the pro-Gehlot MLAs, this change does not seem easy at the moment. In fact, in Rajasthan, there has been a tug of war between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot over the chief minister's chair. Ashok Gehlot does not want to see Pilot occupying his chair at any cost.

Rahul Accepts Sachin Pilot's Demand

In the year 2020, Sachin Pilot camped in Haryana along with his supporting MLAs to emphasize the demand for being CM. Then Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi accepted many of his conditions and got him back into his party. Now, amidst the news of Gehlot contesting the election for the post of Congress President, there was a discussion once again about the power of Rajasthan going into the hands of Pilot, and the Congress had once again come into a state of confusion.

The Big Question

The big question is, has the Congress high command not been able to sense this situation? Did they lack experience or was the homework not done properly? After analyzing the situation, the following points come to mind.

  • The Congress high command has been proving to be a novice in many matters. 
  • There is no person like Ahmed Patel in the party at this time. 
  • Congress is desperately missing a political crisis manager. 
  • The party needs such a person who has understanding as well as the ability to handle internal threats.

The inexperience of the Congress leadership is creating major problems. The situation in Congress that was 20 years ago is no longer here now. Congress needs a leadership that is experienced, is aware of the ground realities, can instill the confidence of the workers to win.

Miles Away From Reality 

The top leadership must have been aware of the conflict between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot. So why didn't he do his homework? Why did they allow this situation to happen? They should have called both of them to Delhi earlier. Should have talked to MLAs from both sides. Instead of this, they send Kharge and Maken to Jaipur. Like once Indira Gandhi used to send Makhanlal Fotedar. Congress should understand that the days are gone when it used to have a thumping majority. Today this party has 53 MPs left. Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot have an old rivalry in Rajasthan. Why didn't the party try to solve it? Had the matter been resolved, then today such a situation would not have arisen.

Position of High Command  

The person about whom the Congress high command thinks that he is fit to be the president of the party is not listening to the top leadership. What would be a bigger tragedy for the Congress than this? This also raises questions about the supremacy of Sonia Gandhi in the party. Gehlot did not even allow Ajay Maken and Kharge to meet Congress MLAs one by one. He was told that the MLAs would meet in groups. Maken may have termed it indiscipline. But this proves what the position of the high command is at present.

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