IPO fundraising breaches Rs 1 trillion mark for first time ever 

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The Indian banal marketplace has been connected a rotation this year, smashing records 1 aft different to interaction historical highs. Even successful presumption of caller investors, this has been a grounds twelvemonth with astir each period seeing an summation of much than 1 cardinal caller investors.

But portion the secondary marketplace is successful the limelight, the superior marketplace is not lagging acold behind. For archetypal nationalist offers (IPOs), the going has ne'er been truthful good.

In the existent calendar twelvemonth till date, much than 50 companies person tapped the banal markets to rise a cumulative magnitude of much than Rs 1 trillion oregon Rs 1.03 lakh crore to beryllium precise. 

This is the archetypal clip ever that full money raising done IPOs successful a azygous calendar twelvemonth has breached the Rs 1 trillion mark. The erstwhile precocious was registered successful 2017 erstwhile a full of Rs 67,147.44 crore was raised by 36 companies, arsenic per information from Prime Database, a superior marketplace tracker.

Meanwhile successful the existent year, a full of 43 issuances raised a cumulative magnitude of Rs 73,523.82 crore till October portion the existent period has already seen arsenic galore arsenic 8 issues that raised a full of astir Rs 29,600 crore.

Incidentally, lone March saw a higher fig of IPOs erstwhile a full of 9 firms launched their nationalist issues. 

The existent period besides saw the high-profile nationalist contented of One97 Communications, the genitor entity of integer outgo and ecommerce large Paytm, which raised astir Rs 18,300 crore.

November besides saw different integer large Policybazaar launching its IPO to rise Rs 5,625 crore. Other companies that tapped the marketplace successful the existent period see Sigachi Industries, Sapphire Foods India, Latent View Analytics, Tarsons Products and Go Fashion (India). 

The IPO of Star Health and Allied Insurance Company, which volition rise astir Rs 7,250 crore volition beryllium opening adjacent week.
Market participants property the buoyancy successful the superior marketplace to a operation of factors, including a...

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