Hey Twinkle, "Go Easy On" Adele Fans. She Sings. Are You Ready For It?

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Hey Twinkle Khanna, 'Go Easy On' Adele Fans. She Sings. Are You Ready For It?

Twinkle Khanna successful a inactive from the video. (Image courtesy: twinklerkhanna)


  • Twinkle shared different video of herself singing
  • "This was 1 of the astir fashionable requests," she wrote
  • Twinkle is singing Adele's 'Easy On Me' successful the video

New Delhi:

On "one of the astir fashionable requests," Twinkle Khanna dropped a caller video of herself singing Adele's Easy On Me and her dependable volition marque the "phantom hairsbreadth connected your arms stand," conscionable not successful the affirmative way. Twinkle, who is known for posting pictures and videos of herself with ROFL captions, is simply a "terrible" vocalist (her ain words) but that doesn't halt her from singing her favourite tracks. In her latest post, she wrote: "This was 1 of the astir fashionable requests. Like I said erstwhile you perceive Adele performing, 'Easy connected Me,' the phantom hairsbreadth connected your arms stand, arsenic if the follicles person forgotten they person each been lasered off. My dependable has a akin effect but for antithetic reasons. I americium fortunate that this motorcycle doesn't person wheels otherwise, it's not conscionable eardrums that would endure a puncture!"

Twinkle hilariously added: "How galore of you emotion to sing adjacent erstwhile you cognize you are terrible? Drop your requests successful the comments for the adjacent #TuneIntoTwinkle that does not spell by the acronym #Tit. If Adele sees this, she whitethorn conscionable spell from rolling successful the deep, to disconnected ...

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