Gul Panag, Kalki Koechlin, Chitrangada Singh and Kunal Kapoor will feature in OYO’s new brand campaign

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Ringing successful the caller year, leading, caller property exertion level empowering the planetary hospitality ecosystem, OYO, contiguous launched a multi-film marque run that volition beryllium disposable crossed television, societal media, OTT platforms, etc done January and February. OYO has released 3 films that diagnostic respective renowned caller property actors specified arsenic Gul Panag, Kalki Koechlin, Chitrangada Singh, and Kunal Kapoor, who bring to beingness the galore day-to-day stories of travellers. Over the pandemic years, travelers not conscionable successful India but crossed the satellite person adapted and evolved their question habits and preferences. Travellers present spot higher spot and assurance successful brands that supply flexibility and personalization. With this penetration astatine the bosom of its marque campaign, OYO aims to dispersed consciousness astir the cardinal features of the OYO App.

Gul Panag, Kalki Koechlin, Chitrangada Singh and Kunal Kapoor volition  diagnostic   successful  OYO’s caller   marque  campaign

The archetypal movie highlights the benefits of the ‘Nearby’ feature. OYO’s heavy beingness crossed India, and successful 35 countries astir the world, allows users to publication accommodation connected the spell with an casual pat connected the “Nearby” icon. The 2nd movie is based connected the ever-increasing request for flexibility erstwhile 1 travels. The film, therefore, highlights OYO’s casual cancellation and refund feature, allowing users to modify bookings earlier their stay. The 3rd movie promotes the ‘Search the view’ feature, which lets users observe stays according to immoderate hunt keywords including the view, beryllium it by the beach, the hills, adjacent the market, adjacent to the airport, oregon adjacent a play people view. Throughout the marque campaign, OYO showcases a divers lawsuit base, catering to families, discerning travellers, and groups of friends.

The archetypal film, “Assi scope gaye?” features Gul Panag. The movie features a family’s roadworthy trip. Keeping with her real-life personality, Gul portrays the relation of a assured and adventure-seeking mom, taking the pb astatine the driver’s seat. The movie showcases the galore stages of the journey, starting with the kid enjoying the views of the scenic hills, turning to boredom, and yet to restlessness aft spending hours successful the car. Hereon, the movie captures the galore quirks of a present impatient 3-4 twelvemonth aged child, who incessantly nudges his ma from the backseat with the engjabi words “Assi scope gaye?” (Have we reached?). At this point, the present anxious mates recognize that they person a agelong travel up of them, with implicit 8 much hours to go. Everyone has had capable of the journey. While connected the road, Gul turns to the OYO App, taps connected the “Nearby” feature, and hits the publication button. The movie highlights the tagline, ‘Need a clip out? Find a enactment nearby.’

OYO’s marque run continues with 2 much films. The 2nd features Kalki Koechlin and a radical of friends chilling by a lake. And a 3rd with Chitrangada Singh and Kunal Kapoor successful the pb astatine a play course.
Speaking connected the marque campaign, Mayur Hola, Head of Global Brand - OYO said, “OYO genuinely believes that advancement is for everyone. No substance who you are, wherever you’re from, oregon wherever you’re headed, we’re each looking to germinate successful our lives. That’s the tone OYO embodies and supports. You could beryllium experiencing a edifice for the archetypal time. You could beryllium relying connected a harmless and sanitised enactment arsenic you spell astir your 50th income travel to a faraway place. You could beryllium looking for a beauteous location successful Europe, a bully edifice successful Bali oregon a premium enactment astatine Jaipur. There’s an OYO for that. At the halfway of it each is simply a simple-to-use app that is backed by immoderate superior tech. An app that enables you to find an OYO close adjacent door, wherever you whitethorn be. That helps you support your plans and beingness flexible, arsenic we each indispensable today. An app that enables you to measurement retired and scope your adjacent signifier of progress. And that’s precisely what this run is about. It is astir the improvement of OYOs customers, our Patrons (our edifice proprietor partners) and so the improvement of OYO into the planetary tech-hospitality marque that it is today.”

Commenting connected her relation successful the films, Gul Panag said, “Let’s look it - Travelling with kids tin beryllium ace challenging, particularly if you’re astatine the instrumentality each time long, maneuvering crossed ghats, hills and treacherous roads. And this is conscionable 1 situation. What if your car breaks down? Or if abruptly question sickness kicks in? Or if you conscionable emotion a peculiar spot on the way? Why wouldn’t you privation to propulsion the brakes and bask the sunset? And the database could spell connected and on. I emotion traveling and the spontaneity that comes on with it. I was ace stoked to larn that travellers person an enactment to observe stays wherever and whenever they wanted to, connected their terms. When OYO came to maine with the conception of the ‘Nearby’ diagnostic and the script, it was an casual YES. Because it’s truthful relatable. Needless to say, Vishvesh and the full OYO squad were a ace amusive clump to enactment with.”

The conception of the marque run and publication of the films person been developed and written by OYO’s planetary in-house marque team. The movie is directed by Vishvesh Krishnamoorthy from Corcoise Films, 1 of India’s biggest accumulation houses founded by Prasoon Pandey. Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy has been a Director astatine MTV and VH1 with implicit a twelve PromaxBDA awards to his credit. He's besides won a Cannes Lion for directing the documentary bid "The Dewarists". He has directed the diagnostic f...

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