Grocery start-ups' 10-min delivery promise sparks road safety risks

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Indian market startups are luring tech-savvy customers with the committedness of deliveries wrong 10 minutes, sparking a roar successful "quick commerce", but heating up concerns astir roadworthy information arsenic motorcycle riders scramble to conscionable choky deadlines.

Competition is already aggravated successful India's $600-billion market retailing industry, populated by the likes of Amazon , Walmart's (WMT.N) Flipkart and Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani's Reliance.

Now SoftBank-backed Blinkit and its rival Zepto are racing to prosecute unit and unfastened stores successful their bid to drawback a stock of the marketplace by offering the convenience of transportation successful 10 minutes, acold little than the hours, oregon days competitors take.

Their mission: battalion groceries wrong a fewer minutes astatine alleged acheronian stores, oregon tiny warehouses successful densely populated neighbourhood buildings, and nonstop motorcycle riders to adjacent locations with astir 7 minutes to spare.

"It's a menace to the larger players," Ashwin Mehta, a pb IT assemblage expert astatine India's Ambit Capital, told Reuters. "If radical get utilized to 10 minutes, those companies offering 24-hour deliveries volition beryllium forced to trim their timelines."

As enactment grows, probe steadfast RedSeer says India's speedy commerce sector, worthy $300 cardinal past year, volition swell 10-15 times to interaction $5 cardinal by 2025.

Blinkit and Zepto, started by 2 19-year-old dropouts from Stanford, person caught consumers' fancy, satisfying cravings for nutrient and impulse shopping, arsenic good arsenic urgent needs for regular supplies.

"This is precise convenient, it has made a manner change," said Sharmistha Lahiri, who present turns to Blinkit to capable the spread erstwhile ingredients abruptly tally retired successful her kitchen, from tomatoes for crockery to cocoa icing for a cake.

The 75-year-old, who lives successful the metropolis of Gurugram adjacent the capital, New Delhi, was a keen idiosyncratic of Amazon and Indian conglomerate Tata's online grocer BigBasket, but prizes Blinkit's accelerated effect successful specified situations.

The unbeatable convenience of accelerated deliveries is evident successful Europe and the United States, wherever companies specified arsenic Turkey's Getir and Germany's Gorillas are expanding fast, but India's accident-prone roads marque speedy commerce a unsafe business.

"Ten minutes is precise sharp," said a erstwhile roadworthy secretary, Vijay Chhibber. "If determination was a (road safety) regulator, it would person said this can't beryllium a company's unsocial selling point."

Blinkit and Zepto did not respond to queries from Reuters.


Even successful cities, astir roads are riddled with potholes, portion cattle oregon different animals straying into postulation contiguous a predominant situation for motorists, who often interruption basal rules.

Last year, the World Bank said India had a decease each 4 minutes connected its roads. Crashes termination astir 150,000 radical each year.

All the 13 drivers for Blinkit and Zepto whom Reuters interviewed successful the cardinal cities of Mumbai, New Delhi and Gurugram said they faced unit to conscionable transportation deadlines, which often led to speeding, for fearfulness of being rebuked by store managers.

"We get 5 to six minutes and I consciousness tense and fearfulness for my life," said 1 Blinkit driver, who sought anonymity.

In August, Blinkit's main enforcement said connected Twitter that riders were not penalised and could present "at their ain gait and rhythm," arsenic acheronian stores are ever adjacent destination sites.

Delivery riders disagreed. In their rush, galore of them told Reuters, they people orders arsenic having been delivered adjacent earlier they get to the destination.

And if a lawsuit complained astir the practice, they faced a punishment of 300 Indian rupees ($4.03). A Blinkit app screenshot provided by 1 operator showed the term, MDND, oregon "Marked Delivered, Not Delivered" utilized to designate specified items.

Frustration was besides connected show successful the speech connected a WhatsApp radical of Blinkit riders successful Mumbai reviewed by Reuters.

"Ban this 10-minute (delivery)," said 1 user, aft pictures were posted of a rider said to person been injured successful a deadline rush.

The concerns bespeak the acheronian broadside of India's booming gig economy, successful which workers often accidental they consciousness shortchanged oregon conflict pugnacious moving conditions.


Blinkit calls its work "indistinguishable from magic" and says it wants to go a $100-billion business.

Zepto has been valued astatine $570 cardinal and has acceptable its eyes connected becoming a $20-billion company, already backed by investors specified arsenic U.S.-based Glade Brook Capital.

The instant transportation marketplace is simply a $50-billion opportunity, India's largest offline retailer, Reliance, said this month, erstwhile it invested successful Dunzo, different Indian startup that runs a 19-minute transportation service.

But, dissimilar astir overseas companies that complaint $2 to $3 a delivery, deliveries by Indian startups are mostly escaped successful a federation with a colonisation of 1.4 cardinal imaginable customers.

"With escaped delivery, the concern is improbable to beryllium viable," said T.N. Hari, who heads quality resources astatine online market BigBasket, which delivers astir orders wrong 5 hours.

"And with a transportation interest that makes it viable, the marketplace size is apt to beryllium small."

For now, Indians are hooked.

Deliveries connected New Year's Eve included much than 43,000 cans of fizzy drinks, a Blinkit capitalist said connected Twitter, adding, "33,440 condoms were ordered connected @letsblinkit today. Someone ordered 80 condoms successful 1 go."

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