'From 2 to 303 seats': PM Modi inaugurates BJP central office expansion, recounts party's journey

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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday inaugurated the newly-constructed residential complex and auditorium at the BJP's office in the national capital as he marvelled at the journey of the

saffron party

over the last four decades.
The Prime Minister also took potshots at the opposition parties who are targeting the government in Parliament over various issues, including the Adani Group row.
'From 2 to 303 seats'
Speaking at the inauguration event, PM


recounted the growth trajectory of the BJP, saying that it went from just 2 seats in its first general election to over 300 in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

"The expansion of this office is not just the expansion of a building, but it is the expansion of the dreams of every BJP worker. I bow down at the feet of crores of workers of the party. I also bow my head to all the founding members of the party," he said while addressing the party workers.
He said that the BJP was almost reduced to nothing in the aftermath of 1984 elections, adding that despite this, the party never gave up or lost its spirit.

A few days from today, our party will celebrate its 44th foundation day. This journey is a continuous one; this journey is the journey of the culmination of hard work, of the pinnacle of dedication and resolutions, of expansion of thought and ideology

PM Modi

"From 2 seats in 1984, the BJP has now reached 303 seats in 2019. In many regions, the party garners over 50% of the vote share," he said.

Among the family-run political parties, BJP is a political party which gives opportunities to the youth. We have the blessings of the women of India.

PM Modi

'BJP most futurustic party'
PM Modi said that BJP is the only pan-Indian party with roots from south to north, east to west.
He said that BJP is not only the world's biggest but also the "most futuristic party", adding that its only goal is to make a modern and developed India.
"Today, BJP is counted among the most prominent political parties in the world. It is being compared to those political parties that changed the course of their respective countries," he said.
The Prime Minister said that the party's success is due to the hard work and determination of its workers.
PM Modi said India has witnessed the governance models of Congress and Left, and it is now witnessing the model of a party that came to power with absolute majority. "When these governance models will be analysed across various parameters, people will understand which model has benefited them the most," he said.
'Bhrashtachari-bachao abhyan'
Launching a broadside against the opposition parties for targeting investigating agencies like CBI and ED, PM Modi said that his rivals have come together to launch a movement to protect the corrupt.
PM Modi said that anti-India forces within and outside the country have now come together to target the nation which is on a developmental journey.
Taking a dig at the opposition parties, he said that there is a concerted effort to undermine the credibility of the nation's institutions.
"You are all seeing how some opposition parties have come together to form 'bhrashtachari-bachao abhyan' (Free corrupt movement). All those who are themselves known for corruption have come together on a single platform," the Prime Minister said in a searing attack on his rivals.

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