Chinese dragon may fume as much but won't spit fire on Taiwan

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| Updated: Friday, August 5, 2022, 13:18 [IST]

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Militarily, Taiwan is powerful enough to defend itself. It has about 2.3 million military reservists. It has some logistical advantages against any potential invasion.

In the wake of United States House of Representatives Speaker Nany Pelosi's visit to Taiwan this Wednesday, the Chinese People's Liberation Army's Eastern Theatre Command has begun live-firing drills in the regions surrounding Taiwan, a self-ruled nation the communist country considers its own part. Will it lead to a full-fledged Chinese invasion of the democratic island nation to annex the latter?

Observers say Beijing cannot dare to take on Taipei militarily. Speaker Pelosi has been highly critical of communist China-its policies in Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong, in particular. Beijing might be apprehending the Pelosi visit would encourage the self-ruled island nation to declare its independence from China.

China conducted precision missile strikes Thursday in waters off Taiwans coasts as part of military exercises that have raised tensions in the region to their highest level in decades following a visit by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. China conducted

In the wake of Pelosi's visit , China has hence fired multiple missiles towards waters near north-eastern and southwestern Taiwan. It has sent more than 20 fighter jets across the median line in the Taiwan Strait. China has deployed two of its most powerful warships-Type 55 destroyers-off the central and south-eastern coast of the island. These drills have involved some of China's newest and most sophisticated weaponry, including J-20 stealth fighters and DF-17 hypersonic missiles.

China, Pak can play 'friends' but India has larger plans to expose themChina, Pak can play 'friends' but India has larger plans to expose them

Beijing has taken such steps just to warn Taiwan against taking any move towards its independence. The communist leadership in the country needs to convey to its domestic constituency that it is committed to protect China's territorial integrity.

The pattern of communist China's foreign policy behaviour suggests Beijing would not let the Pelosi visit escalate into a military clash with Taipei. In 1997, then US Speaker Newt Gingrich visited the island nation. This did not lead to any fatal fiction in the Taiwan Strait.

China seems to be...

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